Reel Big Fish Invade L.A.

When most bands started to jump on the Emo bandwagon, Reel Big Fish stayed true to the music they love…Ska! Reel Big Fish’s lead singer and guitar slinger, Aaron Barrett, has been making the masses skank for over fifteen years. Aaron was awesome enough to answer a few questions in an interview, which you can find below. Make sure to check out Reel Big Fish this Thursday, July 14th, 2011 at Club Nokia in Downtown Los Angeles!
1. After all these years, how does it feel to still be, “Doin’ the fish”?

We definitely feel very lucky to be able to still tour and make a living playing music! Our fans have been so amazingly supportive over the years and we couldn’t do what we do without them! I think we even have more fun playing now than we ever did before because everyone in the band gets along so well these days and that makes it a joy to be on stage making music! 
2. What bands have you been listening to lately? Any bands we should check out?

My favorite bands in the world right now are: Infant Sorrow, The Maxies and The Aggrolites
3. Favorite spots to eat in Los Angeles?
The Stinking Rose because I LOVE garlic! Come up and smell my breath sometime, you’ll know I’m not lying! 
4. What can we expect from your show at Club Nokia this Thursday?
A very entertaining show with fun, excitement, dancing, hilarity and sweaty pits! All your favorite RBF songs and some deep, deep obscure cuts we haven’t played in a long time or ever before! We’re really mixing up the set list this time around!
5. What’s next for Reel Big Fish?

We’ll be doing a tour of South America in October and after that, hopefully we will finally start working on a brand new album of new Reel Big Fish songs!
6. Shout-out’s? Words-of-wisdom?
I guess I should plug our latest release; it’s a three disc, best of collection called, “A Best of Us for the Rest of Us (Bigger Better Bonus Deluxe Version).” All new recordings of RBF favorites, a disc of acoustic versions and another disc of all our most popular cover – Pretty awesome! And words-of-wisdom?? …I don’t know, I guess my only advice is to never give advice!