One Life One Chance…Gotta Do It Right!‏

Toby MorseToby Morse, lead singer of one of our favorite punk/hardcore bands H2O, was nice enough to answer some questions about his awesome program – One Life One Chance, which inspires kids to make healthy life choices.

1. What is “One Life One Chance?”
It’s the name of an H2O song that was on our album FTTW in 1999, now it’s the name of my program that inspires kids to make healthy life choices!

2. What inspired you to get this program off the ground?
A teacher and long time H2O fan from a school in Rockaway Queens did a Memoir Project with her students and made them a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) mix CD. She put a song from H2O called Sunday on it and when the students got back from spring break she asked what song they related to the most and it was mine. The students wrote me amazing letters that gave me goose bumps about how they related to the song Sunday and the teacher then reached out to me and asked me to stop by and meet the kids next time I was in NYC and the rest is history!

3. How many schools have you spoken at? How many do you plan to do?
14 so far and as many as I can!

4. How has the overall response been?
The response has been overwhelming and every school is different. Some students have immediate reactions and some are a couple days later with emails, Facebook and Twitter messages. I usually get the best response right after I do my power point presentation and the questions and answers starts.. Interacting with the kids is my favorite part.

5. Have you learned anything from the students?
Yeah. I have unfortunately learned that most students don’t have any role models and they are being exposed to so many negative things.

6. If a student/teacher/principal wants you to speak at their school, what do they need to do?
Go to and fill out the contact form.

7. How can we help out?
Have people tell their parents, teachers, principals etc to check out and spread the word.

8. A day in the life of Toby?
When I’m not on tour its family time and also Taking care of all upcoming H2O shows, merchandising, etc. I work out everyday and respond to every email I get on onelifeonechance, which is a lot! I try to always enjoy downtime and my life in California. Also, being a dad and husband.. I’m truly blessed!

9. What bands do we need to listen to?
Gorilla Biscuits, Minor Threat… That’s all! Hahahaha.

10. What are some of your favorite restaurants in LA?
Veggie Grill, M Cafe, Doomies, Native Foods, Gratitude.

11. What’s next on the agenda for you?
Europe on April 22 for two weeks and then more schools in May and Europe again in August.

12. Shout-out’s? Words of wisdom?
Chris Roque, Matt Pike, Tim Milhouse, Joseph Pattisall, Meghan McInnis, ONE LIFE ONE CHANCE GOTTA DO IT RIGHT! PMA ALL DAY!!