Keepin’ It Fresh With Ozomatli

Ozomatli will be bringing the party to Club Nokia this Saturday, December 15th. This Grammy award winning band have been have been rocking it for years and can instantly turn a frown upside down. Expect some eargasmic Hip Hop, Funk, Cumbia, and o’ so much more! Saxaphone player and multi-instrumentalist, Ulises Bella was kind enough to answer some questions.. Check em’ out below..

1. You guys have been doing this for quite some time. What motivates/inspires you to keep going?

Staying together and still creating amazing music is the motivation….that and not having to get a square job.

2. What can we expect at your Club Nokia show this Saturday? Surprises? Special guests?

What do you want!!??! Shaolin Kung fu monks!??? We got that! Aztec dancers??! We got that!! Massive monkey dance off??!! We got that!

3. Favorite spots to eat/drink in Los Angeles?

Yaya’s tortas in Huntington park.. over 90 different types of tortas minus the poseurs and hipsters!

4. What bands have you been listening to lately? Any bands we need to check out?

Bombino, Jesu, and the new Dead Can Dance album…amazing!

5. I would love to hear “Don’t Mess With The Dragon” on Saturday.. Is that a possibility?

If you buy me some French toast I might play that jam…

6. Can you tell us about Ozokidz?

Ozokidz is our latest release of music geared specifically to kids. We’ve received great feedback on it and as a band we’re really proud of how it came out.

7. What’s next for Ozomatli?

Brand new Ozomatli album by next year and we’re also working a bunch on scoring tv and movies.

8. Shout-out’s? Words of wisdom?

One is from Neil de grasse Tyson… To contemplate the universe is, at times, a form of spiritual therapy… And the other is from Nate dogg R.I.P…hey hey hey, smoke weed everyday!