FACEBOOK FAN FRIDAY: Interview With Colette von

Colette vonToday on Facebook Fan Friday, we bring you Colette von, who loves getting massaged and eating peppers (of the grilled variety)…read more below.

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1. What’s your name?

Colette von

2. What do you do?

-I am an Entrepreneur (Own Private Music School, Flower Company, Artist Management Company, Massage Company, Flier Design/Printing Company) -I am a Musician- Vocals in Hard rock band named Capricious. I also play guitar, piano, bass, and hand percussion outside of the band. -I looooove painting!
-and I Break Hearts lol.

3. Favorite places to eat in Los Angeles?

MY KITCHEN! I love cooking. If I’m going out, I have a few places that I LOVE- Pho 2000, Tahoe Galbi, The Grill

4. Favorite bars in Los Angeles?

BAR SINISTER/Boardners, Big Foot

5. Describe a perfect day for you?

Wake up after camping on the beach, eat some cereal- lucky charms =), get a massage, cook some lunch- maybe grilled peppers and chicken a la wrap, then look for sea shells and play guitar…on the beach. THEN drive the PCH. THEN go to a rock show! THEN go back to the beach and run around in the dark hahaha- bon fire!!!!!

6. What bands are you really into now?

This is a terrible question hahaha…too many…
Neil Zaza, Scale the Summit, Collective Soul, Tool, Alice in Chains, NIN, STP, QOTS

7. Shout-outs? Words of wisdom?

Shout outs- Love my boys!
Cameron- Karaoke buddy, so much fun!
David- Maybe one of the best guitar players I know! ♥ you!
My sister Natalin- Bech Bech, I love you!
BFF- Jamiekins, best knockers in town! Hahaha ♥

Words of wisdom-
-If you’re hungry, eat something.
-Live for the now, we don’t know when life will be taken.
-Stop judging others, and get over it! Why do we keep this spiral of insecurity, especially in Los Angeles? WTF People?