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Cat ‘n Mouse takes street marketing to a new level, specializing in non-traditional, creative campaigns that don’t just grab attention – they demand it. Guerrilla tactics seize markets overlooked by traditional measures. Using an unorthodox approach that appeals to rebellious, youthful and nonconformist consumers, this breed of aggressive marketing gives your brand the edge it needs to stand out in the crowd.


From trade shows to festivals, guerrilla to experiential, Cat ’n Mouse makes events pop! We’ll handle the last minute logistics; staffing, set up and breakdown— everything behind the scenes. Meanwhile, our awesome and out-going brand ambassadors go above and beyond to successfully deliver your brand’s message to your audience.


High school and middle school events on campus are an awesome way to get your brand directly in front of tons of teenagers during their lunch break. The party begins as soon as the bell rings. Cat ‘n Mouse will turn a normally boring lunch into a really fun atmosphere for the students. Our team is able to sample your products, host on the spot contests and hand out your swag. We almost always have a fun band rock the house while we’re out there, too.

Is your target demographic a bit older? No problem. We’ve got colleges covered. Whether our team has a branded booth set up on the quad, or we’re roaming the campus, engaging the students guerrilla style, Cat ’n Mouse will get your brand seen, heard, and embraced.


“We reached out to Cat ‘n Mouse in hopes of increasing our consumer database. Right from the get-go, Jonnie and Brandon consistently exceeded my expectations on every level. They worked together to create and execute the perfect marketing campaign for my business, which had a noticeable increase in consumers using the Washio service. Their willingness to always do more than expected and the speed of delivery was quite remarkable. When it comes to street marketing, Cat ‘n Mouse just ‘gets it.’ I have been astonished by what my company was able to achieve in such a short space of time and the results that were delivered.”

Jordan Metzner - Founder and CEO at Washio

“Cat ‘n Mouse assisted us with the grand opening of a few of our new locations in Los Angeles. Menchie’s fans were lining up before the doors opened, so I know they did a great job.”

Amete Balas - Director of Marketing at Menchie's

“I wanted to give a great big THANK YOU to Cat ‘n Mouse and their entire team for working with us on our project and getting it completed in such a timely manner. Our initial vendor completely abandoned us last minute and we were scrambling to find someone new to work with. Jonnie and Brandon are truly a godsend and so amazing to work with. I can’t thank Cat ‘n Mouse enough for all they did to ensure a successful event for us at City of Hope. We set a goal for our Walk For Hope event, which were 8,000 in attendance and $1 million in revenue. Cat ‘n Mouse completely surpassed our goal and we ended up with 8,800 in attendance on the City of Hope campus and we raised $950,000 and still counting. Cat ‘n Mouse are truly lifesavers!”

Kathy Ramirez - Coordinator, Philanthropy National Events, Walk for Hope

“Cat ‘n Mouse brings great energy and creativity to projects no matter how big or small. They were easy to work with and would recommend working with them to bring your ideas to life.”

Kara Walker - Advertising & Marketing Administrator at Palm Springs Convention Center and Bureau of Tourism

“Cat ‘n Mouse has been a great asset to our Eighth and Grand outreach marketing efforts. Enthusiastic brand ambassadors have aided in securing many prospects and future residents. Word of mouth and personal interaction are crucial elements of marketing. Cat’n Mouse has proven to be very effective.”

Tony Vennie - Field Marketing Specialist at Eighth & Grand

“I hired Cat ‘n Mouse to handle the street marketing for the Epicenter festival, over the last three years. This included poster sniping, hand to hand promo, and retail distribution. The festival featured headliners such as; KISS, Eminem, Blink 182, The Offspring and more. Jonnie and the Cat ‘n Mouse crew were spot on and kept in constant contact with me throughout the campaign. They are reliable, honest, and get the job done.”

Danny Wimmer - President at Danny Wimmer Presents

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Jonnie Rosen

Jonnie Rosen

Founder & Director of Marketing

I started this company so I could get into punk shows for free… it was never supposed to turn into this. Eleven years later and here we are. I’m so humbled and honored to have worked with some of my favorite brands (Goldenvoice, Washio, Best Friends Animal Society, Live Nation, Hard Rock Hotel)… a dream come true for sure. I’ve always been a bit of a rebel and street marketing seemed right up my alley. Sniping up posters, stenciling sidewalks, projecting videos at 2 a.m. in Hollywood on random walls… so rad… sign me up. This company means a lot to me; it’s all I’ve ever done and it’s what I know the best. Thanks for stopping by and checking out the site. We hope you’ll consider working together with us. Cheers!

    Brandon Gecht

    Brandon Gecht

    Director of Operations

    Starting at the age of 16, being a brand ambassador was one of my first jobs, which I continued to pursue for many years. After graduating from UCSB, it was time for me to figure out the next step. I initially wished to continue my studies and earn a doctorate; however, my entrepreneurial spirit took over and pushed me to make a move. With all of my experience and knowledge in and out of the marketing field, I joined up with Jonnie at the end of 2005, told him I wanted to be his partner, we shook hands, and the rest is history. When we first started, we virtually lost our voices from so many cold calls, but we finally got our first big campaign. Woohoo - Now I could almost afford to pay the rent! As soon as we worked our first campaign together, I was hooked. I knew I found my true calling and it also didn’t hurt to get to work with your childhood best friend. Almost eleven years and hundreds of campaigns later, I still absolutely love what I do!





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